Safety of the participants, spectators, host communities and harbors as well as the well-being of those with whom we share the waterways is of utmost importance. The following rules have been established by the Event Committee.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in disqualification from the Event. Disqualification means that one’s poker cards will not be accepted at the conclusion of the Event.

  1. A poker run is not a race. At no time during a poker run will racing occur between participants. All jurisdictional speed limits must be adhered to at all times.
  2. Each participant must have in force valid and sufficient Liability insurance for the boat.
  3. On time attendance at the Event Driver’s Meeting by the driver is mandatory.
  4. There will be a sign in sheet for drivers at the Driver’s Meeting. Signature is mandatory or the registrant will be disqualified.
  5. Absolutely no alcohol will be consumed by anyone on board or visible on board participating boats until the completion of the Event.
  6. Every boat must comply with current USCG/CCG construction and safety requirements and carry on board safety equipment.
  7. Life vests must be worn by everyone on board at all times when the boat is in motion during the Event. It is recommended that ignition safety tethers be used if available.
  8. All local fueling must be done by Michigan licensed fuel suppliers.
  9. Official colored identification stickers should be attached to the boat and should be visible from the upper side of the hull.
  10. All Event participants including passengers and crew must sign the Event waiver and wear identification wristbands during the event and evening dinners.
  11. The Pace Boat cannot be passed or “crowded” at any time when pacing.
  12. A safe clearance distance must be maintained at all times between boats while running. A minimum radius of 200 feet around each boat is recommended
  13. VHF and cell communications equipment is recommended to be on board and should be in working condition, in the event of an emergency. Monitor VHF Channel 68 for updates.
  14. Changing lanes must be done only when it can be done safely. Cutting off other boats at any time is unsafe. A running lane must be chosen and adhered to.
  15. It is recommended that first time Boyne Thunder participants start at the back of their assigned starting group and remain there until exiting the channel at Charlevoix.
  16. No one may sit on top of a seat or sun pad when the boat is on plane.
  17. All boats are to follow their pace boat THRU Lake Charlevoix. Any boat passing their pace boat group will forfeit their card hand.